The Icecold Archbishop
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The Young Lts
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In the beginning was The Probes.

The Probes begat The Front (see

Using genetic data and sonic techniques developed during these earlier musical excursions, Flynn Picardal created The Icecold Archbishop. As a hybrid coagulated from both human and non-human DNA, The Icecold Archbishop will create new, mosaic life-forms while also rebooting selected items from the mummified, Probe-Front nexus.

The Archbishop's song-cells are comprised of power, pop, sarcasm, and metal. While conductive nanowires link one cell with another, individual cells manifest their shared heritage differently. This results in an intra-species variation that increases survival chances in an overcrowded environment.

Although currently isolated in this lonely corner of the internet, the Creator hopes that these musical spores will escape the laboratory to cause widespread infection.
Realization of these hopes, my friends, is up to you!