The Icecold Archbishop
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Watch the Closing Doors

Lyric Credits: Flynn Picardal
Music Credits: Flynn Picardal
Producer Credits: Flynn Picardal
Publisher Credits: Archbishop Music
Performance Credits: Flynn Picardal- Guitars, Vocals, Synthesizers, Bass and Drum Programming
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Rock-Hard Rock
Secondary Genre:
Rock-New Wave
Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal:
Male Vocal
Mood 1:
Have to watch my P?s - I try to watch my Q?s -stepping right into line
Blending in smooth - right in with the masses - everything will turn out fine.

World Trade Center train - Watch the closing doors!
I don?t care if there?s smoke in the tunnel - just get me to work on time.

Ants -ants -ants everywhere ?moving, bumping, some with curly hair,
Some with two legs, some with three, turning right on Broadway.

See them coming up the moving stair - some get stepped on, no one seems to care,
Ants with cases - ants with coats -stepping out on Broadway.

Up close to the edge of the platform - hope they don't push me in.
Move on over, put my back to the wall - play it safe again!

World Trade Center train - Watch the closing doors!
A different kind of language of steel on steel -it doesn?t get better than this.

They know just where they re going - like water, they keep flowing,
Moses can?t part this river - green light on Broadway.

It looks like they?re almost dancing - no time for romancing,
The two-step - let s go dancing - turning left on Broadway.

God doesn?t play dice with the world - no matter what they say,
the wave collapses as you ride the curl - night turns into day.

Johnny and Ramona won?t ever get off - they tell me this is where they live.
Haven?t been upstairs for five years now - say it has nothing to give.

World Trade Center train - watch the closing doors!
A model of efficiency - a box on wheels, subject to 10 minute delays.

You?ll never catch them talking - eyes closed, deafly walking,
banking ?round the corners ? turning left on Broadway.

No need to watch their manners - they're balding urban planners,
Curse you if they want to - standing right on Broadway.

See that tiny fella, stopped by the auto teller?
He wants more - mucho money - huh, Funky Broadway.

Take money from radon daughters - change it all for quarters,
Baby, oh baby - Boogaloo Down Broadway.

Press up against me buddy ? I?ll rip out your throat and honey,
Better cut out that shoving - knock you down on Broadway.

Next time I?m bringing razors - or maybe some high tech lasers,
Stimulate emissions ? burn them up on Broadway.

Cut them down on Broadway,
Burn ?em up on Broadway,
Knock them down on Broadway.