The Icecold Archbishop
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The Sun Dies Too

Lyric Credits: Flynn Picardal
Music Credits: Flynn Picardal
Producer Credits: Flynn Picardal and Steve Myers
Publisher Credits: FOAM Records
Performance Credits: Flynn Picardal - Guitars, Vocals; Steve Myers - Bass, Background Vocals, Drum Programming
Short Song Description:
Final Score: Entropy 1 Life 0
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Rock-Hard Rock
Secondary Genre:
Rock-New Wave
Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal:
Male Vocal
Mood 1:
Verse A1
It?s a bright and beautiful day,
there are only good things to say.
There are worlds of cool things to do,
life?s so new and juicy, too!

Verse B1
Are cars just for driving, are hands just for jiving? I don?t think so.
Are feet just for walking, is a tongue just for talking? I don?t think so!
I don?t think so!

Verse A2
He smiles and heads out of the door,
life is good and Rocco wants more.
The distant future- recent past,
He loves it all - will it last?

Verse B2
Are hearts just for pumpin?, are legs just for jumpin?? I don?t think so.
Are lips just for kissin?, is my dick just for pissin?? I don?t think so.
I don?t think so!

Refrain 1
He dies. She dies
Me die. You die too.

Verse A3
A day in the life of a fly
Sunrise, sunset ? tonight he die.
Patterns he keeps inside his brain
Will be lost like teardrops in the rain.

Verse B3
Gods are for repression, perhaps I am digressin?; But, we don?t think so.
Is sleep just for dreamin?? Is pain just for screamin?? I don?t think so.
I don?t think so!

Refrain 2
Me die, you die, Cleopatra?.she died,
Einstein, Malcolm X died too.
Jesus, Buddha ? they died.
Princess Di died, Mao Tse Tung died, too.

Refrain 3
Hendrix, Cobain, Frank Sinatra,
Even Nosferatu ? he died.
We all die and die and die,
Earth dies, moon dies, mars dies
The sun dies, too.