The Icecold Archbishop
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Maybe It's You

Lyric Credits: Flynn Picardal
Music Credits: Flynn Picardal
Producer Credits: Flynn Picardal and Steve Myers
Publisher Credits: Archbishop Music
Performance Credits: Flynn Picardal - Guitars, Vocals, Synthesizer, Drum Programming; Steve Myers - Bass and drum programming
Label Credits: FOAM Records
Short Song Description:
Are you who I think you are? You remind me of someone. Who do you remind me of?
Oh, that's it. You remind me of you.

Who's that I see in the mirror? You remind me of someone.
Maybe it's me? Maybe it's not.
But then who is it?
And what's the point?
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Rock-Hard Rock
Secondary Genre:
Rock-New Wave
Non 4/4
Lead Vocal:
Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1:
Mood 1:
2000 and later
Every time I see you, itâ??s like a déjà vu;
You remind me of someone, maybe itâ??s you.

But when I see your face, something seems out of place,
Your eyes, theyâ??re just not right,
Why does everybody seem to look so much alike.

Iâ??d really like to think that you are you.
You remind me of someone, maybe itâ??s you. You remind me of you.

Went to the store to buy me a beer,
Sometimes a man gets thirsty in here.
Looked in the mirror right into my face,
Heard my voice say, â??Get me outta this placeâ??.

Sitting on the concourse, waiting for the flight,
You remind me of someone, I wish I had better eyesight
Walk a little closer, as if stretching my legs,
You remind me of someone, am I trying to fit round holes on square pegs?

Went to the movies just to see the show,
About a guy named Mr. So and So,
Looked in the mirror when back at my place,
Heard my voice say, â??Get me outta this face!â??


Well, Iâ??m not sure if this is the time or the place.

I mean, itâ??s not like you really know me.

But I don't think being godless makes me a bad person, does it?

Hell, what do I know? I probably donâ??t know any more than youâ?¦..well, I guess I do.

But I don't know if life has made me crazy, or if being crazy is what makes me alive.

But thatâ??s not the point.
But what is the point?